Destination Elopement in Sedona, Arizona

I feel like every photographer has a “dream shoot” in mind. Some people it’s working with a specific company, or shooting in a wild destination, or having an entire wedding full of puppies. For me, it’s about the adventure. My dream shoots are the ones where the couple flies to an incredible destination & does something crazy for their wedding. After all, you only get married once.

So why not go all out?

I have this crazy idea that one day I’ll be able to shoot a wedding underwater. One can dream right?! Anyway, hiking in Sedona for some styled elopements definitely took the lead for favorite sessions. From the dresses to the bouquets, everything about this day was right up my ally. Often times people describe my style as vintage. I LOVE this. I also love the idea of wild, free, golden, boho. When I think of those words I think of these photos. They were everything I wanted in a session & more! I would like to point out that all of the couples were in fact married & the love was so real.

These sessions are comparable to adventure sessions- wedding edition. Obviously adventure sessions are taking off. There’s nothing like being in your wedding attire & making out on a big mountain in an exotic location. A lot of couples got married before this was really a thing, which is why adventure sessions are now an option. It’s the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, vow renewal or just document the love all over again! Plus what better art to have in your home than you two looking hot AF in a crazy cool destination?!

SO if I've sold you on all the reasons why you should elope, have a destination wedding or just an adventure session. I did my job ;) But for real if you’re even considering something like this- hit that contact button & let’s plan it!