Engagement session in Malibu, California- Hanna & Zak

Although I’m fairly new to the area, I’m quickly finding some of Los Angeles’ best spots for engagement photos. I might even have to do a blog post on it ;) A few days after officially moving to California, I had Hanna & Zak’s engagement session. We headed to Malibu & decided to make it a “hiking-themed shoot.” Expecting them to arrive in hiking attire, I was surprised when they showed up in leather jackets & all black. I immediately got even more excited because I could already see the contrast of the nature & high fashion. We headed up the trail & quickly hit it off, getting lost in laughs & conversation. I started shooting as we continued up the mountain. I couldn’t get over how green everything was! (Apparently California went through a rainy season before I got there & it make everything super colorful). Before long we made it to the top right at sunset & I couldn’t believe the view. You could see all of Santa Monica, Venice & Marina Del Ray. It looked like the cities went on forever. By this time, Hanna & Zak were super comfortable in front of the camera & MAGIC happened!

I like to book hour long shoots because it takes a good 30 minutes for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. It’s always the last photos that are the best. I’ll also include this in a blog post!

Long story short, I’m obsessed with this couple & their love. My LA engagement sessions are off to a good start.